WOTD is a small experiment in daily fascinations (but not strictly each day). It is an attempt to map the most interesting word of the day - if there is one! - and this way create a catalog over time. The data is aggregated into a small graph, with a long-term goal of finding underlying connections (through e.g. finding the overlap with the connected graph of these topics on wikipedia).

Dark energy

less than 1 minute read

Dark energy Dark energy which we think is neither dark, nor energy. It’s a very bad name, a very bad name. Roger Penrose, Andrew Hodges (2016)...

Surreal number

less than 1 minute read

Surreal number Transfinite number Game of life Georg Cantor John Horton Conway Games

Liquid crystal

less than 1 minute read

The diverse world of liquid crystals, Physics Today 60, 9, 54 (2007)


less than 1 minute read

degrowth collapsology


less than 1 minute read

metamaterial acoustics bandgap soundproofing